• Approximately 50% of all people admitted to a LTC facility lose control of their bowel and bladder.
  • Air/Oxygen therapy is safe, effective and considered the standard-of-care.
  • Air/Oxygen therapy removes moisture and promotes faster healing.
  • RashEndZ™ Dynamic Oxygen Skin Therapy is the only preventative treatment available on the market today.


  • Managing incontinence at your facility may contribute up to 30 to 40 percent of your overall medical supply cost.
  • In addition, management of incontinence may impact 15 percent of your overall operational cost by contributing to the risk of skin injury, falls or other liabilities.
  • DOST™ Therapy may help reduce the pain, cost and time associated with DD and allow for earlier discharge.

Relevant Information

  • Over 20 million adults suffer from pressure ulcers and incontinent associated dermatitis per year in the US.
  • Pressure ulcers cost $11.6 billion per year in the US.
  • More than 17,000 lawsuits are related to pressure ulcers annually. It is the second most common claim after wrongful death and greater than falls or emotional distress.
  • About 60,000 patients die as a direct result of a pressure ulcer each year.