Financial Q&A

What Is DOST™ Therapy?

Continuous oxygen or air directly delivered to diaper covered skin, or bandage-covered skin, accelerating skin repair and healing. Therapy well understood for over 30 years. Now implemented in a totally new way, with a device never before engineered, RashEndZTM

How does RashEndZTM work?

Circulates air or/and oxygen within a worn diaper, reducing moisture and bathing site with healing air and oxygen.

What is the cost?

The price for the RashEndZ device and DOST™ therapy have not yet been determined. However, the ROI will be two to four times the cost when reduced LOS, reduced adverse events, time savings, reduced product usage and other factors are calculated.

Is RashEndZ billable to Insurance?

RashEndZ is reimbursable via DRGs, CPTs, HCPCS (several identified). Reimbursement varies by site of service and provider.

How will the Hospital and Facilities benefit by having their patients on RashEndZ?

Significant reduction in bed-days per patient, reduction in secondary infections and ROI Achievable 200-400+%.

How do we order RashEndZ?

RashEndZ can be ordered through our website, www.rashendz.com .