• Air/Oxygen therapy is safe, effective and considered the standard-of-care.
  • RashEndZ™ Dynamic Oxygen Skin Therapy is the only preventative treatment available on the market today.
  • Air/Oxygen therapy removes moisture and promotes faster healing.


  • The overall cost of preterm births in the United States is estimated at $26 billion.3
  • At an average cost of $3,000 a day, two days in the NICU is about double the cost of a normal healthy full-term infant.4
  • 60% of NICU babies stay for up to 20 days, averaging between $40,000 and $80,000.4

Relevant Information

  • Over 2 million babies in the US suffer from diaper dermatitis annually.
  • DOST™ Therapy may help reduce the pain, cost and time associated with DD and allow for earlier discharge from the NICU.
  • If DOST™ can reduce these baby’s LOS in the NICU by one day, this equates to a $600 million to over a $2 billion savings per year in the US.