Clinical Q&A

What is RashEndZ?

RashEndZ is a patented device that distributes continuous therapeutic air inside a diaper to keep the patient’s bottom dry, or within wound care dressings to reduce moisture.

How will patients benefit from being treated with RashEndZ?

This treatment provides a continuous supply of air or oxygen which will remove moisture, provide a topical bolus of oxygen and will accelerate the rate of healing for their Dermatitis or Bedsores. RashEndZ will also reduce the patient’s risk from getting a secondary infection.

Is RashEndZ Safe and Effective?

Yes it is Safe and meets all the Quality standards of the FDA, uses only an standard air or oxygen to be filtered in and delivered to the skin. The Effectiveness is documented in numerous medical articles that document the benefits of exposing skin to air and oxygen. RashEndZ is a single-use, disposable device.

Which diagnoses are RashEndZ intended for?

Any patient wearing a diaper that is experiencing diaper dermatitis, developing early stage sores or is susceptible to skin problems.

How many days and changes will the patients need to be on RashEndZ?

The number changes and days will depend on the severity of the dermatitis, frequency of bowel and bladder movements and the accepted protocol of the clinicians and facility.

Can RashEndZ be used with just a standard air source?

Yes, RashEndZ can be used with any permanent or portable air or oxygen source.