Great Technology Makes Doing the Right Thing Easy

The story of RashEndZ is the story of the power of nursing curiosity and persistence. It's the story of what was learned by our co-founder when she spent extra hours in the NICU evaluating the impact of aerating her babies' rashes.  The result is a technology and a therapy with the promise to fundamentally change how diaper or bandaged covered wounds, especially early stage wounds, could be treated as a standard therapy:  Dynamic Oxygen SKin Therapy (DOST™).

RashEndZ technology needed to achieve several goals: it had to be exceptionally safe, simple and easy to use, clinically efficacious, and financially beneficial to all care providers.  Five years later, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! In 2015, RashEndZ Inc. received a patent for this innovative wound aeration technology. The technology is real.  The therapy is scientifically fundamental, extensively published, and well understood: Dynamic Oxygen Skin Therapy, enabled by RashEndZ technology.

RashEndZ™ Product Description

RashEndZ™ is a unique, patented , non-occludable, non-cloggable continuous air/oxygen delivery technology.  It allows a new topical therapy, Dynamic Oxygen Skin Therapy (DOST™ ) to aerate bandaged or diaper-covered skin for all patients from neonates to adults. It will be available in several sizes and shapes.

Patient Safety:    

  • Meets FDA consumer product classification:  no specific "Intended/Indicated Use" advocated by vendor.
  • Built with medical grade materials.  No latex.
  • Produced to FDA approved ISO-13485 quality and safety standards, in FDA- registered factory, North Caroline USA.
  • Structured physically to avoid contact with wound during use.­­ Do not adhere directly to skin.  Adhere to diaper or wound dressing.

Simple and Easy to Use:

  • RashEndZ™ takes less than 5 seconds to install in any diaper or incontinence garment.
  • RashEndZ™ connects to any air/oxygen source and dynamically circulates air or oxygen.
  • Disposable with each diaper change.


  • Enables a new standard of care: Dynamic Oxygen Skin Therapy (DOST™).  A topical aeration therapy.
  • Wound moisture reduction and increased oxygenation.  Clinician selects air and/or oxygen therapy and duration of treatment.

Economical/ Financial Benefits: 

Early-intervention, reduced healing time, reduced adverse events, equate to:

  • Reduced direct cost of care savings- materials and nursing time.
  • Reduced costs extended length of overnight stays. 
  • Reduced costs of hospital re-admissions.
  • Reduced costs of facility acquired events.
  • Reduced litigation risk and costs