Introducing REZair™

FDA Cleared Class I Home Use Medical Device


A line of skin aeration devices for incontinent patients.

What is RashEndZ™?

RashEndZ™ is a unique, patented, continuous air/oxygen delivery technology and DOST™ is the first therapy of its kind.

  • Enables a new standard of care: Dynamic Oxygen Skin Therapy (DOST™).
  • Circulates air/oxygen within a worn diaper/garment, and within many wound dressings.
  • Incorporates a unique no-clog, no-kink continuous flow technology.
  • Moisture reduction and oxygenation are well documented in the literature as the “standard-of-care” treatment for DD, bed sores and many chronic wounds.


Our story began with a Neonatal nurse who sought a solution to the issues caused by incontinence in premature babies. The age old clinical struggle to treat patients with diaper dermatitis and bedsores was described by this Neonatal nurse to the inventor of RashEndZ who comes from the same family.

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