Introducing REZair™

FDA Class II Topical Oxygen Chamber.

Currently under 510(k) Pre-Market Review.


A line of wound and skin aeration devices for chronic and acute wounds and incontinent skin wetness management

Pediatric Care

Wound Treatment

Skin Wetness

What is REZair™ Technology?

REZair™ is a novel perimeter-directed flow, universal topical oxygen delivery cannula, patented for the treatment and prevention of chronic or acute wounds, and uniquely engineered to aerate wounds while inside pediatric and adult diapers/garments.

  • This disposable device connects via standard respiratory hoses to FDA-approved oxygen concentrators, and widely-available respiratory oxygen sources.
  • REZair™ continuously circulates unpressurized, humidified, topical oxygen within an adult or pediatric patient’s diaper/garment for perineal wounds, and above the wound bed for non-perineal wounds.
  • For perineal wounds such as Incontinence Associated Dermatitis and bedsores, only REZair™ is engineered to maintain continuous wound oxygenation during severe fecal incontinence.
  • REZair™ can be used with fixed, portable, or mobile humidified medical oxygen sources.  It is also used with OTC respiratory air sources to reduce/eliminate incontinent skin wetness.


Our story began with our co-founder, a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nurse, who has spent a lifetime treating severe diaper rashes in premature babies caused by urinary and fecal incontinence.  She used respiratory oxygen in the NICU to conduct topical “blowback” therapy, which led to significant improvments in patients outcomes, parent satisfaction, physician support, and the technical innovations behind this patented technology.

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