About Us

Senior Leadership

We’re proud of the backgrounds and expertise the RashEndZ management team brings to our business.

Nigel Parker

Inventor, Founder, CEO, Chairman

Colleen M. John. B.S.N, R.N.

Co-Founder, Clinical Advisor

Jeff Hegg

Vice President of Engineering and Supply Chain

Nevin M. Weaver, MSHA, MA, FACHE(R)


Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce suffering and improve the general wellness of millions of patients with incontinent associated skin problems. A key part to achieving our mission is to establish Dynamic Oxygen Skin Therapy (DOST) as the standard of care.

Company Profile

RashEndZ, Inc. is the medical device start-up that patented the world’s first non-occludable, non-cloggable skin aeration technology, RashEndZ, for the millions of people suffering from incontinence. REZair is the first product which will utilize such technology. REZair connects to any consumer respiratory air or oxygen source, and circulates it directly to the adult or child’s garment/diaper-covered skin. This results in significant improvement in incontinent skin health for all patients. This new therapy, Dynamic Oxygen Skin Therapy (DOST), delivers the soothing comfort of continuous wetness reduction and increased oxygenation of the skin, day or night.

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