About Us

Senior Leadership

We’re proud of the expertise the RashEndZ, Inc. management team brings to our business along with our major partners in regulatory, research, manufacturing, distribution, and sales/marketing.  We will continue to expand the team as we launch and grow.

Nigel Parker

Founder, President

Nevin M. Weaver, MSHA, MA, FACHE(R)

Vice President

Our Mission

Our global mission is to heal millions of chronic and acute wounds by widely utilizing existing, low cost, respiratory oxygen/air sources and regulatory-approved oxygen concentrators integrated with our disposable  topical wound aeration device to provide the lowest cost and most clinically effective Moist Wound Therapy solution, for all patients in all care settings.

Company Profile

RashEndZ, Inc. is a C-corp registered in the state of Florida, USA.

We are the medical device start-up that patented the world’s first non-occludable, non-cloggable, non-pressurized, continuous skin aeration technology, RashEndZ.

REZair is our brand of OTC and prescription medical device products.

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