Jeff Hegg

Vice President of Engineering and Supply Chain

Jeff received his Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University. Initially, he worked for multiple companies as project engineer for gyroscope products for military and commercial avionics applications. He then joined Honeywell for 32 years where he led the development of numerous space and military Guidance Navigation and Control systems. His leadership contributed to early product developments such as strategic grade accelerometers, state-of-the-art pilot control inceptors for fly-by-wire helicopters and the vertical take-off and landing of aircraft.


He was the product line manager for the Space Integrated Inertial Navigation System/Global Position System (SIGI) for space applications. As Honeywell’s technical director, Mr. Hegg worked with NASA and Lockheed Martin to lead a team of over 50 engineers to develop the navigation sensors for the next generation human rated space vehicle, Orion. During this project, his accomplishments included the development of the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), the Global Positioning Sensor Receiver (GPSR), the Barometric Altimeter (BALT) and the navigation algorithms/software. The products launched on a Delta 4 rocket which successfully returned to earth in accordance with the flight test mission. He was awarded the Program Manager Commendation, a prestigious award presented by NASA.


Mr. Hegg has 5 publications, 13 patents and multiple awards from Honeywell, Honeywell’s customers as well as NASA. Additionally, Mr. Hegg holds the certification for Six-Sigma Black Belt. He is a board of director of RashEndz since the company’s inception and currently is serving as the VP of Engineering and Supply Chain.