Nigel Parker

Founder & President

Nigel has spent over thirty-five years leading the development of technologies, systems, and businesses in the aerospace, human patient simulation, airport baggage explosion detection, and medical device industries. He has held leadership roles in senior management, productline management, strategic management, business development, and engineering management.


He is most recognized for leading the NASA-Honeywell team that conducted the world’s first autoland of a B-737 commercial aircraft using GPS technology, and co-authoring the seminal paper noted by NASA in the link below as having changed the game for GPS. This and Nigel’s follow-on work led to NASA’s Space Shuttle Training Aircraft fleet becoming the USA’s first FAA certified GPS navigation system, accelerating GPS commercialization substantially.  Today, Honeywell’s military and space GPS navigation systems developed by Nigel’s teams still dominate their respective marketplaces.  [ ]


Nigel also led the engineering development and clinical validation of the world’s first automatic Human Patient Simulator systems including an anesthesia simulator, emergency care simulators, and the female pelvic exam simulator.  I am especially proud to have led the creation of the BabySim simulator: the world’s first full-body infant patient simulator with real-time validated physiology and pharmacology.  These simulators transformed medical education, saved innumerable lives, and disrupted the patient simulation marketplace.  []


The technologies and businesses managed by Nigel have, over decades, delivered life-saving or life-altering “world’s first” technological solutions to critical segments of our society, while producing substantial revenues and profit growth.  Nigel and RashEndZ, Inc. are now applying those successful LEAN and 6-sigma strategies to launch the world’s first, universal, disposable, topical wound and skin aeration family of products. Nigel’s patented disruptive innovation promises to heal millions of patients everywhere around the world, simply by utilizing the respiratory oxygen we already have in abundance.  This is Dynamic Oxygen Skin Therapy- the future of Advance Wound Care, powered by RashEndZ technology.