Nigel Parker

Inventor, Founder, CEO, Chairman

Nigel received his Bachelor’s of Science in Electronics Engineering from Widener University in 1985.   He spent the next seventeen years with Honeywell leading the development of numerous space and military Guidance, Navigation, and Control systems, including new technologies for the Space Shuttle. He is most recognized for leading the NASA-Honeywell team that performed the world’s first automatic landing of a commercial 737 aircraft using GPS technology for primary guidance.  That accomplishment is noted by NASA as having changed the game for future GPS applications.


He spent three years with METI Inc. as Engineering Director, developing and validating Human Patient Simulator systems.  Mr. Parker’s is credited with leading the development of the world’s first full-body, physiologically and pharmacologically accurate, real-time baby patient simulator. He later joined L3 Communications as Senior Director of Engineering to lead the development, deployment, and support of X-ray Explosive Detection Systems for airport baggage handling systems worldwide.


In 2007 he launched a systems engineering consulting practice working with NASA, DoD, state agencies, and commercial customers in several industries, until 2012 when he founded RashEndZ Inc. to implement the clinical vision of his cousin, nurse Colleen John.