Greatly improved patient care metrics.

Continuous air/oxygen flows to diaper-covered skin: Dynamic Oxygen Skin Therapy (DOSTTM). DOSTTM therapy may be used in combination with current drug therapies. Wounds heal faster. Patients require less hands-on clinician care.

Significant reduction in Lengths of Stay (LOS)

This is one of the biggest benefits of RashEndZTM. Wounds heal faster, patients leave the hospital sooner, and the major financial benefit of increased bed-turnover is realized.

Fewer secondary infections

Reduces the risk of developing more challenging clinical complications which are difficult and expensive to treat.

Only Preventative therapy

RashEndZTM is the only device which enables DOST™ therapy to diaper or bandage covered skin. It can be used as soon as a patient is deemed likely to develop these wounds. This benefit is THE unique contribution of RashEndZTM. It can transform patient wound care.

Significantly improves healthcare cost

Our financial models projects that RashEndZTM will create immediate savings in care delivery, operational, and legal costs, providing 200-500% ROI (Return on Investment).

Disposes with each diaper change

RashEndZTM is a safe, simple and easy product to use. It is a single-use, disposable device, reducing infection risks & costs.

Connects to ALL air and oxygen sources, fixed or portable

RashEndZTM works with ALL air and oxygen sources, allowing great flexibility in prescribing the air/oxygen mixture ratios and flow rates that best fits each patient.

Increased Patient Safety

Manufactured in class 7 clean rooms to FDA quality standard, ISO-13485. Made in USA.

Happier patients and families. Reduced legal risks and costs

Reduced pain, associated complications, and facility-acquired adverse events, results in reduced risk of litigation.

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