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The RashEndZTM  Diaper/Bandage Aeration Device is an ultra-thin, flexible, air distribution liner device constructed of standard medical plastic welded into redundant air flow channels, comprised of source-pressure-activated perimeter valves, and an inlet tube terminated with a standard respiratory hose fitting.  This device uniquely employs our non-occludable, non-kinkable, non-cloggable continuous flow technology, uniquely enabling continuous Dynamic Oxygen Skin Therapy (DOSTTM).

Patient Safety:

  • Meets FDA General Wellness consumer product classification.
  • No latex.
  • Manufactured to FDA approved ISO-13485 quality and safety standards in USA.
  • Structured physically to avoid contact with wound during use.­­

Simple and Easy to Use:

  • Takes less than ten seconds to install into any incontinence garment.
  • Connects to any standard clinical air/oxygen sources.

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