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  • Approximately 50% of all people admitted to a LTC facility lose control of their bowel and bladder.
  • Air/Oxygen therapy is safe, effective and considered the standard-of-care.
  • Air/Oxygen therapy removes moisture and promotes faster healing.
  • RashEndZ™ Dynamic Oxygen Skin Therapy is the only preventative treatment available on the market today.
  • Incontinence can lead to tissue irritation and breakdown, commonly referred to as incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD).
  • IAD is a vicious cycle of pain and increase disruption of barrier function. When the skin is overhydrated it’s no longer an effective barrier against further insults and is more likely to be damaged.
  • The development of IAD also increases the risk of infection, the length of hospital stay, and morbidity.Learn more


  • It has been reported that there is a 37.5% greater risk of developing pressure ulcers as well as an increased risk of infection and morbidity among patients with incontinence.7 Learn more
  • 2.5 million patients suffer in pain from pressure ulcers per year in the US.6
  • Pressure ulcers cost $9.1-$11.6 billion per year in the US. Cost of individual patient care ranges from $20,900 to 151,700 per pressure ulcer.
  • Medicare estimated in 2007 that each pressure ulcer added $43,180 in costs to a hospital stay.6
  • More than 17,000 lawsuits are related to pressure ulcers annually. It is the second most common claim after wrongful death and greater than falls or emotional distress.6
  • Pressure ulcers may be associated with severe pain.1
  • About 60,000 patients die as a direct result of a pressure ulcer each year.6


  • Preventing IAD will help decrease pressure ulcer incidence, patient suffering, morbidity, and the cost of care for this common disorder, while also improving patients’ quality of life.8 Learn more
  • Preventing pressure sores can be as easy as helping your care recipient to keep his or her skin free of moisture, maintain clean and dry skin, eat a well-balanced diet, and change positions frequently.2 Learn more
  • One critical parameter for wound healing is oxygen that is required for almost every step of healing process.Learn more

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